Long Term Mindful Shopping

Long Term Mindful Shopping

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We all know and love Marie Kondo’s theory to decluttering by keeping items that “speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy”. This statement especially rings true for people wanting to consciously shop.

Things to Consider…

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1. How each piece fits with your current closet

Do those pretty red breeches match anything you currently own? If you can’t picture the item in your current life, you’ll likely push it to the back of your closet. Most people gravitate towards easy-to-wear staples over statement pieces. 

2. How does the item fit your lifestyle

You may love the trendy burgundy show jacket with the sparkly accents but if your trainer is a die hard traditionalist, you only show twice a year, and the coat isn’t quite as comfortable as your current one, it’s likely going to be a pretty decoration in your closet. 

3. Try items on to make sure they’re flattering.

Don’t wait weeks before trying on those new show tops to realize the fit isn’t stellar and then miss the return window! Ideally, if you’re shopping in person try it on in store. If you’re shopping online, try the item right when it arrives. If it doesn’t work, immediately follow the return instructions while it’s top of mind.

4. Does the fabric make you want to put it on?

With so many fabric options available, make sure you like how the material feels. A lesson top may look incredible on a mannequin or hanger but in reality may be too sheer for comfort, itchy, or not offer stretch in the right places. These are all reasons you may end up overlooking it in your closet. 

5. Read the care instructions!

Are you into low maintenance laundry? If so, you’ll likely want to skip anything that specifies “Hand Wash Only.” That gorgeous cable knit sweater may be everything but after one accidental wash you’re going to end up with a shrunken, matted mess. 

6. Buy less, but higher quality.

Typically higher end items are going to fit great, be made with flattering fabrics, and wear better over time. Sparingly pick the items you love and really get your use out of them.


Alternatives to Traditional Shopping

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1. Swap with friends

Try out something new or wear something out of your comfort zone without committing to it long term. 

2. Rent

This hasn’t made its way into the equestrian space as far as we’re aware but feel it’s worth mentioning. Companies are popping up that allow you to rent clothing and accessories. It makes those statement pieces you only plan to wear once much more cost effective.

3. Shop Consignment

Look to consignment and vintage shops for unique pieces that won’t break the bank. You can also find higher quality items while still minding your budget.


Don’t forget, if you do end up with items that just aren’t cutting it, sell them sooner rather than later. The faster you can identify items you don’t love the more useful and valuable they will be to the next person. If you’re looking for help selling your equestrian items, you can always request a FREE consignment kit from The Tried Equestrian to handle your sales for you.

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