Suds and Success: Mastering Laundry Like a Pro

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Here at The Tried Equestrian we’re obsessed with keeping items in use and out of landfills. Over the years we have compiled tips and tricks for laundry to keep items looking top-notch. We’re sharing them with you today because proper care can drastically extend the life of clothing and tack!

clothes hanging on a rack

Our Laundry List Protocol:

  1. Sort laundry by color: We recommend sorting laundry into whites, light mixed colors and darks to avoid color bleeding. This is especially important for newer items that have not been washed as they are more likely to bleed.
  2. Read the care labels: this is important especially for sheepskin saddle pads that require washing with specialty detergent or cashmere sweaters that are hand or delicate wash only.
  3. PreTreat Stains: Find a great stain remover and use it before putting items into the washer. We've learned from experience that the secret to effective stain removal lies in a little extra elbow grease. So don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and give those stains a good scrub!
  4. Don’t Overload: Keep enough extra space when loading your washer that there is room for the clothing to easily move. Packed clothing can actually cause clothing to not be cleaned properly, damage, and wrinkling. We recommend leaving 25% open space.
  5. Add Oxi-Clean: Oxi-Clean has long been a go-to in every load at TriedEq to keep items looking bright and treat any stains.
  6. Again, read care instructions before drying: At TriedEq we dry every load on delicate regardless if it can go on a hotter setting to extend the life of the fabrics’ fibers. For items that cannot be machine-dried we keep a rack nearby and hang-dry.

putting clothing in a washing machine

Quick Tips:

  • Tougher Stains: Soak in a warm OxiClean bath for 24 hours scrubbing the stain periodically. This works wonders for yellow underarm staining that happens from sweat mixing with aluminum in deodorant.
  • Saddle Pads: For sheepskin or fleece saddle pads, brush with a wire dog brush in between washes to brush out sweat, dirt and keep the pad looking fluffy.
  • Makeup along shirt collar: Scrub a Clorox bleach pen along the staining right before adding into the laundry.
  • Oil Stains: In a sink, lather and work Dawn dish soap into saddle stains, grease stains or anything oil based. (think the soap advertised to remove oil spills from ducks!)
  • Blood: Hydrogen Peroxide works like magic to remove straight blood by deactivating enzymes.
  • Period Blood: This a mix of blood and other fluids and needs a little more care. Try to rinse under cold running water as soon as possible to remove any excess blood. Then blot with hydrogen peroxide and treat with a stain remover before washing. Colder water is better for period stains and hot can set the stain. (P.S. as women we use this tip, we do not treat items that come in on consignment with hygienic staining!)
  • Helmets & Gloves: Helmets liners and gloves can typically be washed but you can also use a “Refresh Spray” in between washings. A good working “Refresh Spray" includes a mix of essential oils and lemon or witch hazel to promote antibacterial properties.

Laundry Labels Decoded:

laundry label decoding photo for equestrian clothing

Now that you’re armed with our tried-and-true laundry tips, why not give them a spin? You’ll be amazed at how these simple practices can transform the longevity and appearance of your favorite garments!

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