TriedEq Acceptance Guidelines

As champions for a circular economy, our mission is to find new homes for items that still have plenty of life left but might not have been the perfect fit for you or your horse.

All items should be freshly cleaned and in good (some wear), great (minimal wear), excellent (appears new without tags), or new with tags conditions.

See a list of Accepted Brands

Here are reasons we say “no” to items:


  • Styles not relevant to the last 3 years
  • Items priced below $20 (Items with retail prices under $40 can potentially fall below this threshold)
  • Air Vests and Helmets (unless new with tags)
  • Non-equestrian brands (excluding Lululemon tops & Outerwear and Patagonia Outerwear)
  • Custom monogramming
  • Prizes including coolers or clothing
  • Altered items
  • Freebies, promotional or swag items


  • Staining
    • yellow underarm staining
    • excessive saddle or boot staining (lght staining may pass our conditions)
    • Excessive discoloration along collars and cuffs
    • Oil staining
    • Uneven sun fading to color
  • Fabric Thinning (found in seat of heavily used breeches)
  • Missing Buttons or broken zippers
  • Lifestyle (ie, sweatpants, pajamas, T-shirts)
  • Heavy Pilling
  • Holes or split seams


  • Cracked leather
  • Excessively dried out
  • Fraying of elastic
  • Rusted
  • Heavily soiled
  • Ripped
  • Mismatched leather bits (ie. swapped out noseband or cheek pieces on bridles)
  • Moldy


  • Zipperless
  • Broken zippers
  • Heavily worn heel and/or sole
  • Dented toe cap
  • Moldy


  • Fly sprays, ointments, and other stable liquids
  • Grooming supplies (unless new with tags)
  • Large items that are difficult to ship