7 Ways to Maximize Consignment Profit

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Here at The Tried Equestrian, our goal is for everyone to get the best bang for their buck, whether that be offering great deals on equestrian necessities or selling consignment items for a price that makes everyone happy.  We know our consignors are looking to make good money off of the items they no longer use, and we want to help with that!  We’ve compiled a list of a few ways anyone can boost the price of their consignment items, making them more cash to use on new additions to their tack trunk! Read on to see we recommend…

1. Make sure your apparel is accurately laundered

We know that riding clothes can get pretty dirty after long days at the barn, but there’s plenty of ways to help bring those breeches back to life.  Simply throwing clothes in the washer and following the care guides on tags can work wonders.  Washing and drying according to the instructions can prevent shrinkage, fading, and other types of damage.  Clothes can be left looking brand new and ready to sell!

Laundry tag in horseback riding apparel

2. Avoid permanent labeling

This one applies to both clothing and tack.  Large, obvious writing on a saddle pad or inside a shirt can be deterring to potential buyers, even if it doesn’t affect the function of the item.  Instead try writing on a piece of tape and sticking it to the item, or labeling things in an inconspicuous location!  Screw or clip on name tags are a great way to put information on halters and bridles without permanently changing the appearance of the item.  Future buyers can replace old name tags with their own, giving the item a whole new identity and a personal feel.

Name tag on saddle pad

3. Find alternatives to irreversible alterations

Even the highest quality items can’t always fit perfectly, and a little personalization can come in handy, but permanent alterations can affect resale performance.  Checking with a tailor to make sure any changes can be reversed is a great way to make sure an item holds its value.  Safety pinning is another handy, temporary way to fix the fit of a super cute show jacket or shirt.  This suggestion doesn’t only apply to apparel, permanently changing the look or function of tack can have the same effect on resale.  Rather than cutting billet loops off of a pad or the end of a strap off of a bridle, just tuck them in!  Keeping consignment in mind even when an item is in use is a great way to make some money in the long run!

Safety pin in show jacket

4. Stain treat items if necessary

As equestrians, we’re surrounded by messes from horse slobber to leather conditioner and odds are they’re gonna get all over us.  Some of these marks don’t come out with a simple wash, they need some extra help.  There are lots of tips and tricks for removing those stubborn stains, and doing so can make consignment items look much more enticing.  Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are all great household stain removers.

Hydrogen peroxide next to stained sun shirt

5. Clean and condition leather goods

Dried out, cracked leather is not only unappealing to they eye, it can also be dangerous.  Keeping up with leather care is a great way to prolong the life of tack and boots, as well as increase prices if they’re ever resold.  Just a quick wipe down with conditioner to a saddle or bridle can make it look 5 years younger!  Tall boots need the same kind of love to stay looking and feeling fresh.  Fortunately, most shoe repair places offer polishing services that make them look brand new!  You can also increase longevity on tall boots by only wearing them when riding, and switching into different barn shoes for other horsey tasks.  (P.S. Doing these things before consigning with us can save you $$ on cleaning fees!)

Girl cleaning equestrian bridle

6. Have quality items repaired before consigning

Those $300 breeches with a split seam may not need to go in the trash!  Dry cleaners, seamstresses, shoe repair shops, and maybe even your sewing-savvy grandma can help out.  Whether it's a cracked leather strap on a bridle or a missing button on a show jacket, there’s usually a way to revive the item.  These small fixes may only cost $5, and the newly repaired item could sell for over $100! Definitely worth it, in our opinion. 

Girl sewing a pair of breeches

7. Don’t wait around to sell

Whether there’s 5 or 50 items just sitting in the closet, there’s no time like the present to sell!  Consigning items as soon as they’re no longer in use raises the odds that those products are still relevant and in style.  Trends change quick in the equestrian world, and the breeches we all loved 10 years ago are probably outdated now.  The more modern and popular an item is, the more it can sell for. Don’t let items sit in the tack room for 3 years before consigning, just go for it!  (If you were just convinced to make the consignment leap, request a consignment kit HERE.)

Girl looking through breeches and riding shirts


The team at TTE is here to help, and we want to help you get the most out of your consignment sales as well as your purchases.  Check out our instagram and other blog posts to learn more about maintaining your tack and apparel effectively.  If you have specific questions about the care of your items, reach out to us via email!  We would be happy to offer some advice!  Happy selling!

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