Foot Huggies Tall Boot Socks

Why this sock?

Foot Huggies Tall Boot socks were created out of a need for the true equestrian athlete. The comfort and added features will make you rethink the importance of your socks during every ride!

Designed with 9 key features to give you maximum performance:
1. Comfortable 2 inch welt keeps the sock in place
2. Ventilation weave
3. Ankle support
4. Arch support
5. Comfortable invisible seam
6. Stirrup leather padding
7. Achilles tendon protection
8. Comfortable form fitting double knit padding
9. Padded structured form fitting toe box for a snug fit
Created from a blend of 70% Coolmax, 27% Nylon and 3% Lycra
So we ask..."What's In Your Boot?"