Spring '23 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

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With Spring rapidly approaching, the fashion for 2023 is coming in hot. Equestrian Fashion will always have the classic look that has remained timeless. However, this next season we are seeing bright and bold new colors and styles that reflect the ever-changing world around us.

A sense of casualness is being communicated through short sleeve show shirts and athletic tops. They maintain the classic equestrian aesthetic, with a laid-back twist to add definition to the classic style. Another style to be noted is the addition of seamless. Seamless styles make sense as they are functional and integrate well with the more modern shape.

Concurrent with the wave of casualness is the integration of mesh and lace. Not only are these fabrics functional for the modern athlete, but also stylish. The horse show apparel, especially, is seeing new designs with lace and mesh. Lace is being used in a more formal tone, often the centerpiece of a design. Whereas Mesh is more of a functional design choice allowing the body to breathe.

Equestrian show shirts and seamless schooling shirt.

Continuing to add to the nonchalant mood are lots of soft hoodies and crewnecks with trendy phrases or simplistic designs. Brands like Solid Citizen and TKEQ are releasing hoodies and crewnecks for riding that can also easily cross over into casual wear.  Fun tip: Pop your show shirt or sunshirt collar out of a crewneck for a classy yet comfy look!

Not all areas are warming up by early spring, so fun ways of layering are also being introduced. Layering as an equestrian can be difficult as you need to be comfortable, but not bulky, so your coach can critique your position accurately.  Fitted sweaters, stretchy jackets, and slim vests are all growing trends that get this job done. The layering of a seamless shirt with one of these options keeps your shape clean yet stylish.

Equestrian outerwear for cold weather riding

The different shades of blue remain in focus for spring, while the bright pops of orange, pink, and purple add contrast. Spring is also seeing new renditions of the classic color brown. It's getting new shades for 2023, making it less bland and more chic. Both brown and blue are getting praise and popularity for being versatile and easy to style. Blue has always been a staple in equestrian fashion, but now it may even be starting to outshine the equestrian staple...Black!  The industry is starting to see more blue (specifically navy) in classically black items such as show jackets, helmets, and tall boots.

Horseback riding outfit with breeches and helmet.

The addition of sharp lines and shapes is adding dimension to the spring 2023 fashion. Brands are starting to produce athletic shirts with sharp lines across the body. These lines give classic color palettes a new direction. The addition of hard shapes integrated into designs gives interesting contrast when looking at the traditionally simple designs of the past.  Colorblocking is one main way brands are integrating the hard lines. It can be used to draw the eye to more flattering areas, potentially enhancing the look of your equitation.

Beyond hard lines, brands are also releasing adorable prints in shirts and even breeches to add some intrigue to your riding outfit. From plaid and pinstripes to equestrian themed prints of horseshoes or bits, the possibilities are endless.  (P.S. printed clothes can hide stains better than solids!)

Equestrian schooling shirts in Spring colors.

With loads of new options to choose from for Spring 2023, the possibilities are endless.  Check out TTE's outfit pages for fun ways to purchase and style the upcoming trends.

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