10 Fresh Riding Accessories You Don’t Already Have For 2023

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What Basic Items Do Equestrians Need?

Everyone wants to look and feel their best when they're in the saddle and, of course, they want the horses to feel the same! This guide covers 10 innovative items that go beyond the basic tack trunk necessities to spice up your barn days.

Before we jump into the fun non-essentials, here is a simple list of basic needs for all equestrians, from beginner to pro. If you're just starting out with horse riding we recommend stocking up on the basics before investing in these add-ons but, hey, we won't judge if you do! 

The basics to have in your tack trunk include:

Once you're all set up with the essentials, you can branch out and find some more unique accessories! These extras can make your days at the barn even more interesting, and can also help you stay organized and safe. Read on to see some of our favorite barn accessories that you might not have seen before. 

Countdown of the Top Ranked Horse Riding Accessories

10. Riding Journal

A great way to record important information such as veterinary records and farrier schedules. In addition, you can log details like goals, duration, which horse you rode, type of ride, location, ride highlights, and more. Even add photos to keep track of progress!

Equestrian Journal


9. Cell Phone Holder

Whether it’s for taking photos, updating your friends on your awesome ride, or calling someone in the event of an emergency, we all know phones are a necessity nowadays.  A belt bag is a great way to comfortably and securely store your phone, money, and other little necessities during your ride.  

Belt Bag for Horse Riding


8. Halter Name Tag

A customizable name tag for your horse can be attached right onto their halter or bridle. This is a visually appealing accessory, but it can also be helpful in the case of an emergency.  You can also add your contact information for added peace of mind!

Horse with Halter


7. Barn Shoes

All horse riders know that getting dirty is a given, and a lot of us don’t want to get our expensive riding boots covered in mud.  Having a durable, comfortable pair of shoes to wear before and after rides is a great way to prolong the life of riding boots.  

Ariat Horse Barn Shoes

6. Travel First Aid Kit

Even when you’re out riding, you need to be prepared for any situation that may occur. A travel first aid kit should be stocked with essential items that could keep you and your horse stable until help arrives in the case of an emergency.

Travel First Aid Kit


5. Travel Grooming Kit

While every horse owner should have a fully stocked grooming kit for their horse in the barn, having a couple of staple items while you’re on-the-go is good practice as well. Travel Grooming Kit for Horse


4. At-Home Equestrian Trainings

There are several free education options through YouTube and other platforms or you can go more in-depth with top professional riders on paid subscriptions such as Noelle Floyd. If you want to get even more adventurous, there are equestrian training video games offered through Nintendo and other gaming companies!

Computer with Equestrian Training


3. LED Leg Wraps

LED leg wraps are a unique investment for any horse lover. The lights will come in handy during night rides, or in any situation that you may need to increase visibility to you and your horse. They're also a fun accessory for unique TikTok or Instagram posts!

Horse LED Leg Wraps


2. Polaroid Camera

This may seem like a silly purchase to some, but every horse owner knows that memories with horses are priceless. Unlike a phone, most Polaroid models allow you to print the photo right away. Keep your shots in a photo album or add a cork board in your locker to display.

Polaroid Picture of Horse in Field


Best Overall Horse Riding Accessory in 2023

1. Airbag Riding Vest

Horseback riding isn’t always a leisurely scenic stroll. Even if you aren’t riding competitively, there are always unplanned situations that could cause injury. One of the best ways to keep yourself protected is an airbag riding vest. These vests are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and designed to keep riders safe in the event of a sudden dismount from their horse.

Equestrian Air Vest


Help! Where Do I Store All of My Horse Riding Accessories?

Messy Trailer Tack Room

Once you’ve acquired a lot of riding gear, you may start thinking “Where in the world am I going to store all of this stuff?” When you’re traveling in your horse trailer, a cluttered tack area can make traveling a complete nightmare. One of the best solutions on the horse trailer market is the patented SafeTack Reverse trailer design by Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers SafeTack Room

This design is a slant load horse trailer that has a fully enclosed storage compartment in the back corner of the horse trailer. The compartment is mounted on hinges that allow horse owners to swing out the compartment, just like a second door. The SafeTack gives you a wide entrance for easy and safe horse loading and unloading.

In addition, the SafeTack compartment is able to be locked so that you can keep all of your gear and accessories safe and secure. The interior lighting and ventilation ensures that everything stored inside of the SafeTack box will stay dry and protected from the elements. 

When it comes to horse riding accessories and equipment, the cost certainly adds up over time. It’s important to find the best horse trailer that not only accommodates the needs of both you and your horses, but will keep your gear safe as you travel.

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