What We Cannot Accept

What Do We Not Accept?

  • Anything with a retail value of $20 or less 
  • Dated Styles not relevant to the last 3 years (For example - shirts with ratcatchers or older style Tailored Sportsman breeches)
  • Dirty or damaged items including major thinning, seams separating, excessive piling, underarm staining, etc.
  • Polo Wraps (unless new with tags)
  • Denim/Jean Breeches
  • Grand Prix Techlite (2 way stretch) show jackets
  • Square Pads (unless new with tags or higher end brands)
  • Grooming Supplies (unless new with tags and unused)
  • Helmets (unless new with tags)
  • Anything with custom monogramming
  • Show shirts in colors other than white
  • Dry Clean only breeches or jackets (some jacket exceptions can be made for new styles, email us if you have questions)
  • Tall boots without a full length stretch panel or zipper
  • Tack with cracked leather
  • Blankets (unless new with tags)
  • Items missing size tags
  • Shrunken, stretched, thinning or altered items