What Happen To Not Accepted Items and Items That Aren't Selling?

We advertise items for 6 months. After 2 months we reserve the right to discount up to 20% and at 4 months up to 40% to help the items sell.  If your items have not sold within 6 months we may discount the item further if we feel it would help to sell. If we chose to take it off the site, we will refer to your preferences stated on your consignment agreement if you would like your items donated to one of our nonprofit partners or returned at your cost.

If we do not initially accept your items we will also refer to your agreement to see if you would like them donated or returned at your cost. If you have chosen to have them returned we will we send you an invoice for the return shipping. 

Any time we are returning shipments we will charge the lowest market price for the actual shipping costs and any supplies used to ship.