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TE Consignment Agreement



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1. Consignors sending potential consignment items by mail, or other means have the option, when such items are deemed unacceptable by The Tried Equestrian, of having items returned to Consignor, at Consignor’s expense. Consignors, who choose not to pre-pay for return freight charges, forfeit all right, title and interest in such items, which shall be disposed of in the sole discretion of The Tried Equestrian.

2. Consignor shall receive an Itemized List of all consigned items.

3. A new Consignor Contract shall be signed each time any new item(s) is/are consigned.

4. Consignor will receive a check one month delayed from the month the item(s) sell (ex. April sales are paid in June).

5. The Tried Equestrian shall determine pricing on all consigned items.

6. Unsold goods may be picked up prior to the Contract expiration date for a fee of $10/per item and any associated cleaning fees.

7. All articles are consigned for a period of six months/180days. Consignee reserves the right to discount unsold items. After two months unsold articles can be discounted 20%, after 4 months they can be discounted 40% of original asking price.

8. If items remain unsold after 6 months, The Tried Equestrian reserves the right to discount items at their discretion and/or remove them from the website. If removed from the site, Consignor will be notified and may choose to pick up their expired items, have them donated, or have them mailed back for a fee.

9. The Tried Equestrian reserves the right to discount any item up to 15% in the first 2 months for discrepancies in condition not immediately apparent.

10. The Tried Equestrian will deduct partial shipping costs for returns and free shipping from the sale of items, split evenly over the full order and other consignors items. This is never to exceed $15.

10. The Tried Equestrian will assess any cleaning and maintenance fees, including but not limited to, boot cleaning, boot repairs, dry cleaning, laundering, sewing repairs, etc. Fees will be deducted from monthly sales.

11. A $10 processing fee will be assessed to every shipped package of consignment goods sent to The Tried Equestrian. The fee will be deducted from monthly sales.






CONSIGNOR SHALL INDEMNIFY, RELEASE, DEFEND, AND HOLDS HARMLESS FOREVER The Tried Equestrian, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns from any and all claims and liabilities, of whatsoever kind (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees), arising from or connected to the consigned goods. The Tried Equestrian shall use all conventional safeguards in the handling and displaying of consigned goods but has no legal responsibility for items left on consignment.



1.Payment shall be sent in the form of Consignor’s choice of either check, gift card to Tried Equestrian or check to be donated to charity. If northing is selected, you will be automatically enrolled to receive checks.

2. The Tried Equestrian will collect a 45% commission on all items sold, unless payment in the form of donation or Tried Equestrian gift card is chosen. If choosing an alternative option rather than check, our reduced rates are listed below.

Check - Consignor receives 55% for sales

Tried Equestrian gift card - Consignor receives 65% for sales

Donate to TTE Selected Charity (Current selected charity noted on website) - 65% donated on your behalf OR Charity of your choice:________________________________________________________


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Yes, I’d like my unaccepted items to be donated.

No, I’d like my unaccepted items shipped back to me for $15. *Return shipments over 5lbs. are $25 to ship back.

Signing this Consignment Contract signifies you have read and accept this binding agreement.

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