LeMieux Loire Fly Hood in Ink - Large

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LeMieux Loire Fly Hood in Ink - Large

  • Lycra ears can fit snugly while still being comfortable
  • Crocheted front with reinforced forehead panel to prevent flapping
  • Matte front panel with logo detail and twisted cord piping

Condition: New With Tags

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I love TTE! I have both sent items to be consigned, along with order TONS of items from them. I’ve always loved top name brands but couldn’t afford them, but TTE has allowed me to have and afford them. I tell anyone and everyone about them when possible. They’re costumer service is amazing and quick, and I swear when I order something it is shipped and arriving within 48-72 hours from purchase. Will forever be a client of theirs!! God bless them!

I’ve both consigned items & bought through The Tried Equestrian and I can’t express how easy and great they are! The process was painless and I chose to get paid for the sale of my items with a TTE credit, which I was then able to put toward a pair of Cavalleria Toscana breeches. I never would have been able to afford CT breeches new, but thanks to TTE’s awesome prices and offering QuadPay I was able to get them. I loved the first pair so much that I immediately snagged a second pair when they popped up on TTE!

I had to apologize to my husband because we're never going to win the lottery now- I used up all my good luck finding the most amazing pair of Kingsley boots (in perfect condition and my exact measurements) for an absolute steal on The Tried Equestrian. I almost hesitate to tell my friends about this site because they might grab the last of an amazing find before I can get to it! Definitely worth checking them out for high quality equestrian gear!

I love TTE! As someone who has consigned quite a bit, I love how easy they make the entire process and not having to deal with selling individual things or all the scammers out there. As a shopper, I’m always checking for new arrivals and have scored amazing deals. I can’t remember the last time I purchased something brand new retail. Can’t recommend them enough!

Theirs so many positives to say about the Tried Equestrian
First off: product selection is amazing
Second off: their prices are unbeatable
Third off packaging is adorable
Fourth off: their website is easy to navigate and sort through
Fifth off: shipping is unbeatable seriously
Sixth off: their customer service is AMAZING

I feel so lucky to live in the same city as this place so that I can visit their storefront so easily! I have been here a few times so far and have found some great deals on gently used equipment I need. I appreciate that they provide a range of options to meet everyone’s budget; they don’t sell low end junk that won’t last, but they also don’t only sell high dollar items that not everyone can afford either. (Although you can certainly find that too, if it’s what you’re looking for!) What a gem of a place. Nice and friendly customer service. I’ll definitely be back!

I can't speak highly enough about Tried Equestrian!!! I'm new to the horse world, and I will be taking riding lessons for the first time. So I needed a lot of advice, and the staff was awesome! Emily took me under her wings and helped me find riding breeches, tights, tops, riding gloves and a puffer gilet. All the merchandise was previously owned, but it looked brand new. Excellent condition. Emily, Taylor and others on the staff took their time with me, offered comments on what fit and looked best on me, and made me feel well taken care of. The customer service is top-notch, and they are very friendly and supportive. I'll definitely be back!

I took my girls to this store on the off chance they might have what we were looking for. Having been used to most consignment stores looking pretty run down and depressing, we didn't have very high hopes for this one.....luckily we couldn't have been more surprised. This store looks like it sells new items instead of used ones. It's beautifully laid out and organized. The items they had for sale on our visit rivaled all the tack shops I've previously been to that sell high end new merchandise. The staff were very helpful and not pushy at all. We ended up leaving with a beautiful saddle, some other goodies and huge smiles. We are so thankful that this store has opened and is relatively local to us. We can't wait for our next visit.

I have upgraded almost everything I run out of my shopping here! I could not afford Freejump stirrups, I’ve made my Botori tights collection enormous or Parlanti boots. They have a great return policy which helped me get the perfect fit for everything I’ve bought. I’ve also consigned a lot here! This would be PERFECT if you have children who ride.

I LOVE their online store! I am a horse trainer and live in my work clothes. They have a great selection of all the top brands at a great price. Their used items are great quality and condition. I have also sent in items on consignment- the process is simple and fast and their customer service is friendly and efficient. I get a lot of compliments from clients on pieces bought from TTE. 5 stars all the way!!

Love love love TTE! i’ve ordered from them a couple times and been thrilled every time. items are always in excellent condition and just as described on the website, and you can get a cute, functional riding wardrobe on a college student budget! customer service is outstanding and the shopping is so convenient and efficient.

Their deals are ALWAYS amazing, and the second they post new arrivals they share with their followers that they are up and ready to shop. They update everything on all platforms at all times. Customer service is OUTSTANDING and fast, and so friendly/personable. Items ship almost immediately and I get them within 3 days normally. Packaging is cute and makes you feel less guilty you spent money because the packaging makes you feel special. ALWAYS check weekly for deals!

I’m absolutely thrilled I stumbled upon the tried equestrian! As a jumper switching to dressage, finding quality full seat breeches to add to my wardrobe without breaking the bank (among other finds) has been a LIFESAVER. Not to mention their customer service is incredible and they ship so quickly! I always check them first before shopping anywhere else!

Absolutely love this company! I’ve gotten stirrups and breeches from them and they never fail to disappoint. 12/10 would shop again and recommend!

I ordered a pair of breeches online from The Tried Equestrian. The customer service, shipping, and quality were all fabulous! I immediately got a thank you note from the owner, my breeches came in cute packaging with TTE stickers, and the breeches were basically brand new! Definitely shopping here again!

I truly enjoyed shopping with Sabrina at the the Tried Equestrian for show jackets. Not only did she have knowledge of differing brands with their fabrications and styles that would suit me, she shared my enthusiasm for riding! Thank you, Sabrina!

I ordered a couple of pairs of breeches for my daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves them! They’re her new favorites to school in, the quality is great, and they’re true to how TTE described them. Definitely would recommend this website as riding clothes can be expensive!

A definite go to for all my daughter's riding needs. Taylor is incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Taylor makes herself available in a pinch and her customer service can't be beat! With a growing child, we go through clothing and boots quicker than I can keep up, Tried Equestrian is a lifesaver 🙂

The staff were incredibly helpful. I could not find a jacket and shirt to fit my daughter since have no idea what i am looking for and no stores near me were helpful. I gave them my daughter's measurements and they found a great competition jacket and shirt to start competitions!! She looks great and cant wait to wear them!!

The Tried Equestrian
Christine R.

Wow!! I absolutely love this store! My sister needed show clothes in a pinch for a show the next weekend, but we couldn’t afford to spend the normal retail prices. I knew I had to stop in to see The Tried Equestrians selection - And we both couldn’t be more glad we did. We found everything we needed at an amazing price - Brand new show coat, nearly new breeches, and a show shirt for $350! Can’t wait to come back to shop for myself... A pair of parlanti half chaps, a beautiful scarf, and a wallet are stuck on my mind! I highly recommend The Tried Equestrian to ANYONE!