Who We Are

Welcome to The Tried Equestrian where equestrian products are tried and true but new for you! Your premiere site for the most trusted way to buy used equestrian items.


The Tried Equestrian bloomed out of several needs...
-Eliminate Waste: Equestrian items are often used sparingly, if at all. With changing trends, growing kids and an unlimited new supply of products there are many used and still fabulous products out there! 
-Decluttering: We love the idea of living life simply and find clutter creates stress. Let us help you declutter your show trunk and closet, it can be shocking when you stop to think about how many items you actually don't wear!
-Affordability:  We want to help make quality brands available and affordable for everyone in the equestrian community.
-Give Back: We donate 5% of each purchase on our site to The Compton Jr. Posse.


We know you have choices! Here's why we think we're the best:
-Marketing: We market for you! We work to get your products seen and sold as quickly as possible. We may highlight them on our social media accounts and show them to potential buyers while we're out at shows or Pop-Up Shops. We also like to post in Facebook marketplaces and respond to ISO's ("In Search Of" ads).
Free Posts: That means you have nothing to lose. Once your product sells, we charge a 45% commission on consignment items.
Customer Service: We promise to respond to questions quickly! We are always here to help and promise we will return your questions within 24 hours. We know how frustrating poor customer service is!


Taylor Hall and Casey McDonald, the founders of The Tried Equestrian, met on a recruiting trip for the NCAA Fresno State Equestrian team in 2008.  Both girls went on to compete for the team and became great friends in the process. After college, Taylor moved back to northern LA and worked in the business world (while still riding and showing) while Casey turned professional and moved to the bay to teach and train for McIntosh Stables. On New Year's Day 2016 The Tried Equestrian was born. 


And we want to get to know you! 
If you have any issues with our site or have something you want to see more of let us know! We want to keep improving so our users have the most positive experience possible. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and like we said above we promise to return your call or e-mail within 24-hours.


Taylor Hall
Southern California Rep
Co Founder/CEO


Casey McDonald
Northern California Rep
Co Founder/CCO