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Thanks for considering consigning with us! We promise your items will be in the best of hands.

Let us know if you'd like a consignment kit - they're free! It will include a shipping bag for you to fill up and a return shipping label.

Please make sure to read what we accept and don't accept below. Feel free to reach out to us before shipping to find out what items we would be able to accept if you are not sure.

Is Tried Equestrian right for you?

At this moment we are only accepting tack and apparel for English disciplines. We typically find our services are most helpful to individuals, brands or stores looking to list 5+ items on consignment at a time. Leave it to us to manage pricing, photography, customer questions, and shipping, saving you the time and the hassle when you have multiple items to sell.

We recommend considering selling via other outlets first if there is a certain dollar value you are set on making back on an item. It is no secret, we take a commission from the sale which affects how much you make back on an item. Consider selling on eBay or Facebook Marketplaces to maximize profits and manage exactly the amount you receive for an item. We list items at the market value we currently feel they are worth, based on other retail tack stores as well as used sites. If we don't have success selling at those prices we will discount based on our "Sale Schedule". We cannot make exceptions or notes to adjust pricing based on individual requests.

With that said, we, of course, want you to the make the most on an item (it's in our best interest as well)! 


NEW - Choose to shop TE with your sales!

We will take a reduced consignment rate when you choose to use your sales to shop at Tried Equestrian.  Out with the old, in with the new! 

Also New! - Donate Sales to Charity!

We are happy to send your check to a charity! We hand select a charity each season to donate to and will always list them on our site. You are also welcome to choose your own charity for sales to be sent to.

Our Current Charity: REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Programs

Not your average consignment shop.

  • State-of-the-art custom database system to track client sales & inventory
  • Free shipping and returns on orders over $100
  • Large online presence; 20K+ Instagram followers 
  • A website that ships internationally
  • Automatic sales checks and email updates sent monthly
  • Faster sales with multiple selling platforms - website, brick and mortar, event pop-ups and social media
  • Multiple payment options offered, such as QuadPay and Paypal
  • All items are cleaned and cared for, no thrift shop smells here!

What Do We Accept?

We accept any styles relevant to the last 3 years, in good to tags-still-on condition. All items must be cleaned appropriately before we receive (i.e. oiled, washed or dry cleaned). We aren't picky about brands as long as they are equestrian related!

What Do We Not Accept?

  • Dirty or damaged items including major thinning, seams separating, excessive piling, underarm staining, etc.
  • Saddles
  • Polo Wraps
  • Square Pads (unless higher end brands)
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Helmets (unless new with tags)
  • Anything with custom monogramming
  • Show shirts in colors other than white
  • Dated Styles (ex. shirts with ratcatchers)
  • Dry Clean only breeches or jackets (some jacket exceptions can be made for new styles, email us if you have questions)
  • Tall boots without a full length stretch panel or zipper
  • Tack with cracked leather
  • Blankets unless new with tags
  • items missing size tags
  • Shrunken, stretched, thinning or altered items
  • Recently Added Items we DO NOT accept for issues with fit: Equine Couture style: Natasha or Sportif breeches, Romfh style: International breeches.

What Percent Commission Do We Take?

As of May 1st, 2019 we take a 45% commission for our services for any incoming items. The below fees allow us to offer all products for sale at the highest standards to keep buyers satisfied and coming back for more. You never pay for these, they are deducted from your sales.

  • $0.50 for any incoming item we accept. This allows us to keep all items fresh as a flower.
  • All boots not professionally cleaned are subject to a cleaning fee; $15 for paddock boots, and $20 for tall boots. 
  • Items needing dry cleaning or repairs are billed on a case by case basis.

How Do You Get Paid?

The beginning of the month, one month delayed after your item sells, a check will be sent out with an invoice breakdown. We send payments delayed one month to accommodate any returns.  You are free to email us whenever you would like to check the status of your sale items. 

Where Can You Mail Your Items To?

The Tried Equestrian, 26241 Prima Way, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Please include the required information below with your shipment, so we can best serve you.

Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone, Number of items being consigned, Do you want them donated if they don't sell? (Y/N), How did you hear about us?

What Happens If Your Items Don't Sell?

We advertise items for 6 months. After 2 months we reserve the right to discount up to 20% and at 4 months 40% to help the items sell.  If your items have not sold within 6 months we may discount the item further if we feel it would help to sell it. If we chose to take it off the site, we will send you an email with what we have remaining and ask if you would like the items returned or if you would like to donate. If you chose to donate the non-profit will send you a tax receipt.  If you would like items returned, you are responsible for arranging how you will get them back.

View our Consignment Agreement 


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