Interested In Consigning Your Items?

We are excited to help you sell your equestrian apparel and small tack items!

What Do We Accept?

We accept any styles from the last 3 years in good to tags-still-on condition. All items must be cleaned appropriately before we receive (i.e. oiled, washed or dry cleaned). We aren't picky about brands as long as they are equestrian related!

What Do We Not Accept?

  • Saddles
  • Polo Wraps
  • Square Pads
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Helmets
  • Dated Styles (ex. shirts with ratcatchers)

What Percent Commission Do We Take?

We take a 40% commission for our services and post to our website and eBay as well as several other platforms depending on the items. We handle the entire process of accurately pricing and posting to answering product questions and shipping once sold. We also use many of the items in our social media campaigns to drive traffic to them. 

How Do You Get Paid?

At the beginning of each month, a check will be sent out with an invoice breakdown of your sold items from the previous month. You are free to email us whenever you would like to check the status of your sale items ( 

How Do You Get Items To The Tried Equestrian?

California Barn Day Pop-Ups

Look out for us at local barns in California. We will be posting on our Instagram and Facebook pages whenever we will be going to barns. You are also welcome to email us ( to request at date for us to visit your barn!

Outside California Or No Upcoming Local Barn Day Pop-Ups

We accept mailed items! Please note we must receive an email ( with tracking numbers once your items have shipped so we can make sure the package delivers! Please make sure to  include your name and email inside the box.

Shipping Refund For Your Consigned Goods

We refund up to $20 for shipping costs - We will credit you $10 once $100 worth of your items have sold and another $10 once $200 have sold. Your refund would be added to your monthly consignment check. Please note we will need a picture or the physical shipping receipt to reimburse you.

What Happens If Your Items Don't Sell?

We advertise items for 6 months. After 3 months we have the right to discount up to 20% to help the items sell.  If your items have not sold within 6 months we will send you an email with what we have remaining and ask if you would like the items returned or if you would like to donate. We work closely with The Compton Jr. Posse to directly provide items to their riders. If you would like items returned, you are responsible for the shipping charges.

Where Can You Mail Your Items To?

The Tried Equestrian
24717 Amelia Ln.
Newhall, CA 91321
Please include the below inside your shipment. You can copy and paste to a Word document and fill in.
Number of items being consigned: 
Would you like your items donated if they do not sell? Y/N
Mailing Address:
Referred by/How did you hear about us?