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It Really Does Take A Village.

We must start by acknowledging YOU.
Whether you're a consignor, customer, or just someone who's been browsing our website, Tried Equestrian would not work without the community of people that have consigned their beautiful items which provide us our wonderful array of inventory, liked our instagram photos (@triedequestrian), and shopped us for some pretty sweet deals. You all keep Tried Equestrian moving forward daily!
To make it effortless and seamless, there are a few people behind the scenes making the magic happen! Here's a bit about us:
TAYLOR HALL | @taylorbrihall
Hi, I'm Taylor! I have ridden and shown hunter-jumpers since I was a kid, and always dreamed of a job involving horses, helping others and making a positive impact in the world. In early 2016, I had an “aha” moment and The Tried Equestrian was born. I am involved in every decision for the Tried Equestrian and find it so important to get to know our customers even though we are based online. We strive to still maintain the "local tack store" vibe. So please, reach out and say "Hi" anytime!
KARINA HARRIS | @thehunt_eq
Creative Director
Hi, I'm Karina! I currently own two horses and compete in the jumper ring. When not riding or working, I'm writing on my equestrian life & style blog, The Hunt - basically, I live for the horse world. I'm proud to bring my passion for horses, style, and our equestrian community to the table!
HAYLEE HALL | @haylee_hallpass
Hi, I'm Haylee! I am the main inventory processor that prices, categorizes and creates listings for every item that comes through Tried Equestrian's doors.  I am currently in college at LMU studying to be a teacher.  I ride at Ingenium Farm, with Tasha Visokay, and dabble in the adult equitation, medals and some jumpers. One of my main riding highlights was placing 10th in Zone 10 Maclay Regionals. The coolest part of my job is getting in shipments from customers I know personally from the show circuit and seeing all the cute things they send in!
ALLY SNYDER | @jumping_cheval
Hi, I'm Ally! My main jobs at Tried are to photograph every item, upload images to the website, increase SEO, and ship out items as they sell.  One thing I’m proud of is turning my horse, an ex-polo pony, into a hunter/ jumper and soon to be eventing prospect. My favorite memory of us is winning a first place ribbon at our first show together. Something I’ve learned while working at Tried Equestrian is being able to tell apart all the different brands and why certain items are priced certain ways!
The TE Team is committed to providing excellent customer service for both buyers and consignors, and are very proud to be a part of the equestrian community. Please let us know how we can be of service to you!